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    AC 3160 very slow wifi connection


      Hi all, bought a new laptop Lenovo Y70-70 3 days ago, and just can't get a decent internet connection. I have got the latest drivers downloaded from here, tried different settings (found on here and other forums)

      I'm using windows 10, and have a BT home hub 5. I have even split the 2.4GHz and 5.2GHz on the hub and connected to them separately and I still only get an average of 8mb download, where as all other aptops and phones in the house get between 30mb and 37mb. At times I have reached 35mb download, but I can acually sit and watch it drop from 35mb to 8mb.... its driving me nuts now. Can anyone please help, I love the laptop but this silly problem is driving me crazy! If I cant get it sorted then the laptop will be returned, and all because of a wireless card