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    Intel i5-4460 black screen / rebooting


      Hello guys, how are you?

      I'm having a problem, when i am on windows my screen goes black and it crashes.

      Afterwards i need to reboot the computer for windows to work, it works for around 10-15minutes then crashes again.

      After replacing RAM, this problem continued. So i replaced my i5-4460 for a G3250 that i have here at home on a second computer, the problem disappeared.

      After this i installed the i5-4460 again just to be sure the black screens are coming from the CPU, and yes i had black screens again. So my conclusion is problem with the CPU.

      At this moment i have the G3250 installed everything is stable working fine.

      Assuming my i5-4460 is faulty, i only have the invoice of the purchase of the CPU, i don't have the blue INTEL box where the CPU comes. Is this a problem?

      The store where i bought it says there's no way they can confirm if this CPU is the same that they sold me without the Blue Paper Box.


      What can i do? the CPU only has around 3-4 months use.

      I am in Portugal btw.


      Thank you!