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    Live S.M.A.R.T. feedback in Matrix Storage Manager?


      Hello all,


      I have had a brief look through the Intel support site and this forum, but can't find any information on whether it's possible to view live S.M.A.R.T. feedback in third-party apps for disks in use within a RAID array on an ICH10 chip. I'm particularly interested in monitoring disk temperature. I did find the 'solution' CS-015002 (http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/imsm/sb/cs-015002.htm) but that doesn't really provide any solution by way of making live feedback available, so:


      a) Is there any way currently to make live feedback available to third-party apps for disks in use within an interl RAID array?

      b) If not, are there plans to implement this feature in future releases of Matrix Storage Manager?


      Thanks a lot in advance.

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          Well, that message is pretty old, but since I was about to write the exact same thing, here goes. I was handed custody of 25 video servers, all running RAID 10 with Intel Matrix Storage Technology. The way I understand this, this "software" solution has absolutely no alert mechanism, email capability, over-the-network reporting or anything at all, short of VNCing into each individual machine to see drive healh ??? I tried a third party product that suited my needs exactly, but after a long troubleshoot, I stumbled upon CS-015002, which basically says that you can't use a third-party solution to monitor SMART and that's that. Can anyone please confirm the above statement is correct ? Before I go balistic and start firing people for choosing retarded technological solutions, I want to get my facts straight.


          Thanks y'all !


          Angry Marty