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    Need Help Intel 750 Series Won't Show Up


      I just built a new pc and I'm having trouble getting my Intel 750 Series SSD to show up in bios.  I'm using the Hyper Kit and cord they provided with the motherboard.  However, there were not explicit directions included.  All I did was attach the the Hyper Kit to the Motherboard (Its slides into socket below heatsink and then has a small screw thing to keep in place).  I then attached the cord to the back of SSD and use the other part of the cord (Sata Conector) to a sata cord that has my other Hard Drive attached to.  The other Hard drive does show up and work.  Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.






      P.S. Does the 750 Series need its own data power cord or can it share the one with my other drive?


      My System


      CPU: i7 6700K

      Motherboard: Asus z170 - Deluxe