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    How can I disable the PCI Power Management for D867GVHZ ?



      I have a D865GVHZ for my system.

      After I added PCI Graphic Card which is Nvdia 8400 GS PCI, my issue just began.

      System always restarts when I shutdown, so I have to puch the power button for 4 sec to shutdown.

      But, It shutdowns fine when I removed the PCI graphic card.

      My graphic card is totally fine and I found this issue from googling and it causes PCI power things.

      But even I changed 'Wake on PCI PME' and every mentions from Power sections in BIOS to 'stay off'

      Can't resolve my problem.

      So, I'd like to disable the PCI Power Management but my bios doesn't have that option...

      Please, Let me know if anyone can handle this....