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    Intel i219-V network issue


      I have an issue with my onboard network card on an ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming mainboard. I get disconnects all the time and i had no problem at all before i got the mainboard with the Intel NIC. The error id "e1cexpress eventID: 27" is occuring in the Windows event log. It is 100% not a router or internet provider problem as everything works fine with other devices connected to the same network.

      I tried many things posted in other threads here that looked like similar issues but the problem still exists.

      The Intel i219-V is not even listed in the intel download center, so i only found up to date drivers on other computer manufacturer websites. I also tried to set the ethernet energy feature off, but it does not help. Maybe it delays the problem a little bit as it only occurs every 3 or 4 hours now.

      But as i am also playing online-games, this is an absolutely no-go as it kicked me out of some games a few times already while i was playing.

      I am using Windows 10 Pro. Currently i have installed the drivers that came with the mainboard (from the driver CD).

      Maybe some other people with this mainboard also have this issue and found a solution. Please help.