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    Increased idle temperature since Windows 10




      I'm not sure I should write about this here or at Microsoft Answers but I think the chance of it being inspected is bigger here.
      It is not a big issue, but ever since installing windows 10 Pro on my D54250WYKH I've seen an increase in idle temp of ≈5°C. It used to idle at 35°C and now it is 40°C. I have disabled all background activities possible, disabled windows update etc. I know the OS is new and drivers might not be optimized yet, but I just wanted to bring it up.

      Another thing that might be relevant is that hard drive spin down does not work as it did with windows 7, but I've seen this reported from people with various hardware. I have a mechanical disk as a secondary drive and I've set spin down to 1 minute which equals ≈10 minutes (I have measured). But I think this definitely is a Windows issue.


      Have a nice day!

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          Hello Mertzi,


          If your Intel® NUC temperature increased 5°C more than used to be, that will not be a problem, 40°C when your system is idling is normal and perfectly fine, the temperature in your system is not an issue, Windows 10 has more applications and information that requires more performance and that could be the reason that your system temperature increased a little more, but in this case you will not need to worry about that temperature you're seeing there.


          And about your hard drive, it depends on your hard drive manufacturer but I would recommend trying maybe a firmware update for your SSD.

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            Sorry for a really late feedback, I'll go ahead and quote myself here "It is not a big issue". With that I of course meant it is not an issue that affects anything. I just wanted to report it. It seems as you say that windows 10, like windows 8, is more cumbersome than windows 7.
            About the hard drive, not sure how the SSD could affect the HDD. Anyhow this has been reported from users with various systems so it's definitely a windows 10 issue.

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              Thank you for reporting that information to us, at this point I would recommend to have your system updated, BIOS , driver and Windows updates and that can help you a lot.