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    Disable cpu throttling with Intel® Extreme Tuning




      I'm french and my english is not good so don't judge me on this please.


      I'm working on a music project, and my labtop is a Toshiba S-50-B-12 X. The processor of the computer is a intel core i7 4510U. The music software, for a better stability, need a fix cpu frequency, wich is not the case of the laptop's cpu in general. This cpu has a turbo function, which is the same problem too.


      I downloaded Intel Extreme Tuning in order to manage cpu speed, but i can't disable this functions. Can anybody helps me to do this?




      Have a good day.




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          Hello Saiamon,


          Would you mind providing more details about the issue that you are having? For instance, a better description of the stability problem, is this only happening when running a specific application, what is the application that you are running, etc. Also, if this issue is only happening when running this application, have you contacted the software manufacturer? There could be software updates, patches or fixes that may resolve or alleviate this issue.