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    I2C initialization on older firmware




      I am trying to get smbus to work using python on Intel Edsion. Firmware: edison-image-rel1-maint-rel1-ww42-14


      I cannot update the firmware since my other equipment doesnt work in those.


      I cannot use MRAA since that does something that messes up my other equipment.


      I am using I2C to connect to two arduinos.


      What I have tried.

      using MRAA -> works fine but cant use it with my other programs.

      using smbus -> works only after I have run my program that uses mraa. running mraa messes up my other programs.

      using i2cdetect -> Doesnt find arduino until I have uses the program that uses mraa


      So it seems that smbus is not initializing the i2c properly. Does anyone have any idea about it? If I don't run my python program that uses mraa I get kernel errors and I/O error when trying to run my python smbus program or use i2cdetect.


      I am using the Edsion with arduino breakout board