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    i7-3610qm vt-x enabled in BIOS but not available in VirtualBox


      Recently I started using virtual machines on this cpu. More recently (two weeks ago) I tried to run a 64bit VM and VirtualBox throw me an error for not supporting 64bit VMs (as it came out after I checked). As far as I know this cpu supports vt-x which is responsible for the 64bit virtualisation. The computer is Asus K55VD. A couple days after those errors my bios died. I changed the chip and now the computer is working but still no 64 bit VMs for me. The problem is that I'm not sure if I had this VT-x or not and when/how it disappeared. I just wanted to know if is it possible for the cpu to lose this particular instruction and because of that the bios to die or from the beginning I haven't had vt-x and for now I've just being lucky working with 32bit VMs