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    D54250wyk USB hosts, and bandwidth



      I have a d54250wyk that I need to connect to several cameras to. I know that the the cameras consume too much bandwidth to be on a single bus


      1) My first question is how many usb hosts does it actually have?


      I think I remember reading somewhere that it had two but I cant seem to find specific information in the pdf.

      When I run lusb it shows 3 usb root hubs. Two of the usb hubs are type2 and one is type3. When I plug devices in (flashdrives and cameras) they only ever show up on a single bus (bus2.) This is true regaurdless of what port I use. Even connecting to the "internal connection header" yields the same result.


      2) My second question is if the d54250wyk has multiple usb host controllers how do I access them?

      3) Would adding a mini PCIe card be a possible way to add another USB host controller?

      I have read that one of the PCIe slots shares bandwidth with the usb is this a problem?


      3) Finally, if this is not possible could someone recommend a similar product that has multiple USB host controllers?