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    Intel 750 boot OS boot manager from different storage device.


      I've recently ordered an Intel 750 Pcie NVME SSD and noticed that it wouldn't boot up properly when used as boot drive (because the bios doesn't seem to support this)
      Instead I decided to install Windows Server 2012 R2 to a local SATA SSD and then install it to my Intel 750 SSD (so that the boot loader is on the SATA SSD)


      This works, but when I try to boot into my installation on the 750 I get this error message:

      file: \windows\system32\winload.efi
      status 0xc0000225


      Any idea how I can fix this?


      Update: I've tried using Vmware ESXI and use the 750 SSD as pass trough device on my VM.
      Although I'm able to install to the VM I still can't boot from it.


      I'm really surprised that Intel doesn't provide some piece of software that acts like a lightweight hyper visor and that can be installed on a bootable drive which then initiates the boot of an OS on the NVME ssd.