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    RS3 RAID and Samsung SSD problem


      Server 1: R1000GZ server system + RS3DC080 controller with BBU + Samsung 850 EVO SSD disks: working fine.

      Server 2: R1000WT server system + RS3DC080 controller with BBU + regular 10krpm SATA disks + Samsung 850 EVO SSD disks: SSD disks are not working.

      Initially, the server 2 working fine with 4 SSd disks for about 1,5 months, then threw two disks our of array and now the array works only for the first 60 seconds.

      I have tested different pairs of disks in RAID1 but as soon as I start to copy data to the array it throws one disk out of array.


      I haven't got much support from the Intel Customer Support, they though it was a virtualization problem because I mentioned we use the server for virtualization.

      I was also pointed to the 'Tested Hardware and Operating System List' for the controller, but this list is outdated. Also, it would be nearly impossible to source disks with the listed firmware.

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          We are aware you are currently working with our Customer Support reason why we strongly recommend getting the documentation they requested in order to escalate the issue to our engineering department for further assistance.

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            I was able to solve it. I put togheter all the facts and came to a conclusion it has to be something really simple. Googled for yet another hour and a forum thread where LSI owners were stuck with the problem that they cant turn on disk cache and therefore can't use SSD-s catched my attention.

            For regular HDD-s I don't use it, so this was the safe setting I was using for SSD-s also. I don't know how it worked without disk cache for the first 1,5 months but it has been without any problems after I created a new SSD RAID10 array with disk cache turned on.