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    Cant update graphics driver


      I have a Intel hd 4400 graphics and when i try to update my graphics driver it fails and i get a flashing screen with bright colors.Anyone know how to fix this?

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          Similar experience here.  Ran the installer for version on a desktop with 4600 graphics.  After running for about 15 seconds, screen went off Windows and showed large multi-colored horizontal bars that flashed intermittently.  I waited it out, hoping for it to recover but it never did after 3-4 minutes.  Ctrl-Alt-Del did not function.


          I have a log-out button on my keyboard so I did that.  Log in and display came back normally.  Device Mgr. shows me that current driver is 4256 and in events there are four updates:

          Driver Service added (igfx)

          Driver Service added (cphs)

          Driver Service added (igfxCUIService2.0.0.0)

          Device Installed (igdlh64.inf_amd64_b52e9ae1da090f21\igdlh64.inf)


          When Windows came back up, there was a few seconds displayed of a cmd window running what looked like WinSAT.  It might have been hung, I don't know, because it closed.


          I've restarted the PC and all appears to be normal.  Windows says the device is working normally.


          This is on Win 10 64.  The previous driver was running on Win 7 64 prior to the upgrade to Win 10.


          I've updated this driver many times on Win 7 and never had a burp like this one.  This is the first update on Win 10.


          Intel, you might look at that WinSAT check.  Given the cmd window I saw after a re-log in, it looks suspicious.

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            Anyone found a solution yet?

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              I understand Intel engineering team is currently working  on new graphics drivers for Windows 10. I still do not have an estimate but they will be posted at https://downloadcenter.intel.com/


              Please review information on post #93: Re: https://communities.intel.com/message/321854