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    MCU application can only access I2C bus8?


      Hi all,


      I want to use pins J17-7 and J17-9 of the mini breakout board[1] to connect pins 45 and 47 of the Edison module[2](gp27,gp28) to make an I2C device connected to I2C-6(bus#6).

      Now, I want to use the MCU API[3] to access I2C-6 but the document say that MCU API can only access I2C-8(bus#8).

      The I2C example[4] use an Arduino expansion board[5] to access I2C-6 via running the init_i2c8.sh. ( However I want to replace the expansion board with mini breakout board )

      Can I use the same way to change from I2C-8 to I2C-6?


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      [1] Mini Breakout Hardware Guide

      [2] Intel Edison Module

      [3] APIs to access I2C

      [4] Using the MCU SDK and API: I2C Code example | Intel® Developer Zone

      [5] Intel® Edison Kit for Arduino