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    How best to send NUC5i5RYK audio output (Spotify) to my home stereo RCA connectors? Send from front 3.5mm headphone output?


      I would like to send NUC5i5RYK audio output (e.g., Spotify) to my home stereo, which has RCA input connectors. It is just stereo (2.0 or potentially 2.1), not anything fancy (e.g., not 5.1).


      I need to use the NUC's HDMI output to run my monitor so don't think I can send audio through that (and if I did, I assume I would need some sort of splitter to split out the audio signal?).


      Can I (should I) run the audio output from the NUC's front 3.5mm headphone output to the stereo, using a cable with a 3.5mm jack and two RCA jacks? (This way, I would keep the HDMI output devoted to the monitor.) Would that be a sufficiently high quality audio signal? (I am not an audiophile.) Is there a better way to get reasonably high quality audio from the NUC to the home stereo? I'd rather not buy expensive splitters or converters but am willing to buy them if the 3.5mm audio out is low quality. (Again, I'm looking for good quality but don't need audiophile quality.)


      Many thanks for any advice folks can offer.