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    Dell Studio wont shutdown after installing Intel Matrix Storage Manager


      I got the same error than QBiN (see post linked below) when I would burn an ISO image on a CD.


      So, I applied the solution from this post: I installed Intel Matrix Storage Manager.


      Since that, my Dell Studio wont shutdown: I got the message "shutting down" for hours, then I force the shutdown keeping the on/off button pressed few seconds.


      Anybody got the same problem? Did you find a solution?
      My IMSM system report: http://www.airfirst.ch/imsm/


      Please tell me the right (sub)forum, if I posted this message in the wrong place!
      Thanks and regards.


      ---------- CONFIG
      - Dell Studio 1537
      - Windows Vista Premium SP2. Firefox 3.5. IMSM





      System Information


      Kit Installed:
      Kit Install History:, Uninstall
      Shell Version:


      OS Name: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Édition Familiale Premium
      OS Version: 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 Build 6002
      System Name: _
      System Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
      System Model:      
      Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     P8600  @ 2.40GHz
      BIOS Version/Date: Dell Inc. A09, 05/27/2009


      Language: ENU




      Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager


      Intel Serial ATA Controller: Intel(R) ICH9M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller
      Number of Serial ATA ports: 4

      Driver Version:
      Serial ATA Plug-In Version:
      Language Resource Version of the Serial ATA Plug-In:
      ISDI Library Version:

      Hard Drive 0
      Status: Normal
      Device Port: 0
      Device Port Location: Internal
      Current Serial ATA Transfer Mode: Generation 1
      Model: SAMSUNG HM320JI
      Serial Number: S19FJD0S417609
      Firmware: 2SS00_06
      Native Command Queuing Support: Yes
      Size: 298 GB

      Unused Port 0
      Device Port: 4
      Device Port Location: Internal

      Unused Port 1
      Device Port: 5
      Device Port Location: External

      CD/DVD Drive 0
      Device Port: 1
      Device Port Location: Internal
      Current Serial ATA Transfer Mode: Generation 1
      Model: HL-DT-ST DVD+/-RW GA10N
      Serial Number: KZ993CD0145
      Firmware: A105