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    S1200BTLR with AXXRMS2AF040 drives dropping off line unexpected sense




      I have a S1200BTLR server with the RAID controller AXXRMS2AF040 installed running Windows 2008r2, for no apparent reason drives drop off line with unexpected sense errors recorded in the Web Console.


      We’ve had another system with disc issues. It’s reporting only three out of the four installed discs and reporting the three left as “bad”.




      S1200BTLR: BIOS - 86B.02.00.0042 - 2 x SSD's configured as RAID 1 using ERST2.


      AXXRMS2AF040: BIOS - 2.130.394.3028 - 4 x WD 500GB HDD's configured as RAID 5.


      Windows Server 2008r2 with latest updates.


      Photos and logs can be provided.


      Any help in solving these issues would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you in advance.