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    Intel Display Audio Driver Problem


      Hp pavillion Model #: 550-047c purchased Aug 2015

      Product #: L9L32AA#ABA

      Software Build #: 15AM2RRA605#SABA#DABA Service ID #: 20150702

      Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460  CPU @ 3.20GHz 12gig ram

      Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600

      Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center 64-bit

      Intel Display Audio (ver 11/5/2014)


      Been in HP's revolving door on this one for the past couple of weeks with no joy despite escalating it to the top level support in HP (at least as high as I can get)


      ===========The following is repeatable===================


      Using only the HDMI output for both video and audio


      Intel Display Audio is checked as the default playback device


      Outputting HDMI to a Philips TV being used as computer monitor


      The following is under Win8.1 using FireFox (currently ver 40.0.2, but

      also observed under several FF versions back to 38.x)


      HDMI audio output _starts_ and works correctly when viewing something such as a

      YouTube video or NetFlix.


      HOWEVER, after listening to streaming videos that have audio, if FireFox is

      closed or exited with audio in progress, the Pavillion begins

      generating a loud constant tone through the speakers being fed by HDMI



      This tone will continue uninterrupted unless any of the following takes place;


      New audio output is started

      A new video with audio is started

      Volume Control opened and audio level is clicked


      Reopening FireFox does not stop the tone.  Subsequently starting a

      second video within FireFox with the tone playing DOES stop the tone.


      See the attached files for the playback device screen and a wave file of the tone that is generated.


      Note that there are TWO Intel Display Audio Drivers showing in Device manager... one for Sound Devices, and the other for Audio Inputs and Outputs


      Thanks in advance to your consideration of this submission.  Any input or pointers to solutions will be appreciated.

      Beverly Howard