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    4930k individual core identification number/sequencing to physical package layout


      I've been looking for some time but with no success, for the official identification numbers for each individual core on the CPU package. Seen below are 6 cores laid out as two pairs of three cores separated by the L3 cache, what I'm trying to figure out is which cores are considered by hardware/utilization standards to be which numbers.


      The reason I require this information is that I'm experiencing abnormally high temperatures on just two cores, which cannot easily be remedied by a simple remounting of the CPU cooler as the entire system including VRM/PCH waterblocks are plumbed in with hard fittings & require several days of downtime to properly and safely disassemble & reassemble. I'm led to believe that my CPU cooling block is not tightened down entirely evenly, but because it's a solid copper block with a solid aluminum hold down bracket - It is fastened down to an extent that approaches the maximum safe mounting pressure limit for the FCLGA2011 socket.  I want to tighten down the side that's loose in relation to the other but I cant' tell, even with digital calipers (lack of a proper zero-height probing point in the area surrounding the hold-down bracket) which two (or even one) thumbscrews need tightening, and i don't want to tighten the wrong ones down for fear of skewing it off balance even more


      My theory is that, assuming the little alignment triangle on the cpu package is on the top left in relation to the image attached below, that core #0 would be closest to that triangle on the top left, followed by core 1 below it, core 2 below that on thebototm left, core 3 on the bottom right following a counter-clockwise ring pattern starting from core 0, ending at core 5 on the top right. This coupled with the fact that my cores 2&3 are experiencing higher than normal temperatures, would- if my assumption is correct, lead to a situation in which the (again looking at this picture from above as if it was facing us on the table below) bottom half of my cpu cooling block is placing less mounting pressure on than the top half on the cpu lid. I'd rather not tighten down the wrong screws, so I'd like to know which cores correspond to which numbers on the cpu package so I can make the correct adjustments to the block tension mounting mechanism.





      DO the cores follow a circular ring-shaped sequence, or do they follow a different numbering layout, such as one of these (or something different altogether?)

      (C=cache, #=core #)





















      OR something else altogether?


      Is there any official source of documentation which would have the answer I'm seeking I could look through?

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          Would be nice to hear back on this from an official source. Still having heating issues, I tightened down one of my heatsink screws a half turn but now 2 other cores are getting hotter than before. If i had an answer as to what cores physically were what I could appropriately adjust the hold-down on my water block & not exceed the compression max force designated by Intel for the CPU package/hold down mechanism/assembly


          How is there no official explanation for this yet?