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    DX48BT2 Bios update 2000 and 2006 freeze or hang problem when using jedec standred 1066MHz memory with XMP profiles when booting or trying to set-up bios settings from defualt values and optimal and a way to fix this, is to down grade to Bios 1997


      Please note hardware may or may not be the issue.  I think its the Bios update 2000 and later.


      This is to let everybody having issues with the Bios update 2000 and 2006 for the DX48BT2 and or maybe DX38BT.  I did not really figure this out until I had to complete a warrenty return for my DX48BT2 mother board.  When I received the replacment and intergrated the CPU, memory, graphics card and so on.  I booted for the first time with Bios 1814 no problems.  I left set-up defualts in the Bios and booted to Windows Vista 32 bit.  I downloaded the latest Bios update of 2000.exe for Windows.  It complete succesfully of course.  Then I went in to set-up the Bios, it started to hang.  It would hang in the Bios set-up and even when I booted.  Then update 2006 came out.  It made it worse.  Then I called Intel and they sent me another replacment DX48BT2.  I then noticed with Bios 1814 that there were no issues.  So I updated to Bios 1997.  There were no boot hangs or issues setting up the Bios.  Please note, It doesn't matter how you update from Bios 1997 to a later release of 2000 or 2006, you will still have the same problem.  Also note that when you upgrade with your Bios already configured from Bios 1997 with XMP settings in place, you may or may not see system hangs until, you load defualt and or optimal values and restart without setting any changes to bios and or still may hang in the Bios.  So I am sure its not my hardware.  In Bios 2000 and later for DX48BT2 and or maybe DX38BT with jedec standred 1066MHZ memory with XMP settings and or other memory for new builds stay with Bios update 1997 until Intel fixes this issue.


      So get your game on with a stable bios!


      Hardware Configuration


      DX48BT2 motherboard

      CPU QX9650

      Memory OCZ3X13334GK  4GB

      Graphics  HD4870x2

      PSU HX1000W Corsair

      WD V raptor drive

      Pioneer DVD/CD ROM driver