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    GMA X4500MHD


      I was wondering if anyone could help me with some information.  I am wanting to buy a laptop and the one I am looking at has the GMA X4500MHD graphics accelerator as its on board graphics card.  I know everything I've heard is that its awful for gaming but I'm wondering if it would at least be able to run lower end games that require 128mb or lower graphics requirements specifically World of Warcraft.  It doesn't need to run top notch just be able to at least play it.  The whole reason I am buying the laptop is to play this game and I don't want to upgrade to the Radeon for the extra $100 if I don't have to.  Does anyone have this particular graphics card and run any games on it?

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          It can run all my games.

          I games I play: COD4, Mirrors Edge, Red Alert 3, Oblivion, Unreal tournament 3, Bioshock, Halo 2, Half life 2, Warcraft 3, etc...

          It can run L4dead and Cod5 but they are a little laggy but still playable.

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            So if I were to invest in a higher quality video card, I could just put the card into the PCI slot without any extra hardware?


            And yes I am running a desktop