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    event id 37 windows kernel


      hi ,


      i have a thinkpad with intel i7 - 4910 mq processor.


      recently , i have upgraded from win 7 pro to win 10. upon booting the system , the following (8 nos.) event id 37 warning are there in the event viewer :

      The speed of processor 7 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 71 seconds since the last report.


      i had an identical problem , while i was using win 7 and at that time i had disabled intel speedset technology in the bios - the event viewer warnings went away.


      but this time, the intel speedset technology is disabled in the bios , the power is set to max- in the bios as well as under power options , but still the warning persists.


      assistance this regard shall be appreciated.



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          Hi ATULRSURI,


          The issue is related to your operating system; however, I suggest you to verify with Lenovo website if there are available newer BIOS versions for your laptop. It is better to set the BIOS to manufacturer settings.


          Lenovo drivers and BIOS




          Mike C

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            Thanks for the reply.

            I have the latest bios installed, as per lenovo site.

            Even, when the bios settings are set to default, the errors are there.

            So what do you suggest?



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              Hello ATULRSURI,

              This seems to be a issue related to a Power Saving option to extend battery life. Does it continue when you have the laptop plugged into AC power?

              Have you tried changing the Power Options to High Performance?


              Another thing that I would recommend is to contact Levono and try to get information about a possible BIOS recovery, when performing a BIOS update it is possible the BIOS may be left in an unusable state leaving you with issues; the BIOS recovery will help to reload the BIOS, I mentioned this becuase this is procedure possible to performed in Intel Boards but in this case you might need to double check with Lenovo.

              I performed a research on you case and you might find these links helpful;

              Event 37: The speed of processor # in group # is being limited by system firmware | ITExperience.NET

              The processor reduced performance after computer comes back from sleep. - General Hardware - Laptop - Dell Community.

              The content on the above site is not controlled by Intel. This information is offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel for the merchants or services offered there.




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                hi Amy,


                first of all , thanks a lot for putting in your precious time and efforts to help me in resolving this issue.


                now, the power options are set to max. performance.


                intel speedset is enabled in the bios ( although, even when it's disabled , the result is the same)


                in the said, context, it is pertinent to state, that i'm facing this issue only afer the upgradation to win 10 pro.


                furhter, i'll try to contact lenovo , and see if they can help me in providing recovery bios, as suggested by you.


                in the meanwhile, if you come up with any suggestions , please do share with me.


                once again, thanks for your assistance.





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                  its not a manufacturer issue this is an intel issue. Unfortunately there is more money in having you buy your way out of this problem, than there is solving it for you so that  you might continue using your otherwise perfectly usable machine. I have a sony vaio pro 13 with an i7 thats throwing this problem (win 8.1), and a lenovo t400 with a t9900 thats throwing this problem (unbuntu) . both machines reboot randomly. whether plugged in or on battery. whether under load or not under load. neither computer mobo cpu temp goes beyond 70c (mostly stay in the 35c at rest up to 65c under load) this is cross platform, cross manufacture issue and the only common link seems to be intel.


                  Its unfortunate that this company has such a hold on the cpu market as to leave us in these sort of positions without any sort of recourse.