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    Some one help me with update drive ?


      My laptop is Asus X550LN, I was installing a game, but it said my video card drivers is out of date ( the version is 10.18 ) . Problem is I checked through my windowOS and it said its up to date, I went to Asus site and there is no new version for my driver. When I checked in DirectX diagnostic tool / display, it said  my version is 10.18, feature : 11.1. I am so confuse now, anyone help me to download the latest version of my video graphic card ?


      Thank you for reading my problem!

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          I would need more information in regards to your system configuration:


          Which version of Windows do you have? 32 bit or 64


          Also, the exact processor model and the graphics controller:


          On Windows 10

          Click on the Windows icon, and search for "System"

          Look for System Control Panel then note the processor model.