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    No Input Signal when turning monitor on after upgrading to Windows 10 Preview Build 10532!




      I have a computer with a GIGABYTE GA-H97N-WIFI mother board and an on board Intel 4600 video card.


      After upgrading to "Windows 10 Preview Build 10532" when turning on my monitor I get a blank screen with the "No Input Signal' message. And clicking the mouse button or keyboard button does not wake up the computer.So I now I always need to hit the reset button on my computer to restart it and then finally I can now see the log on screen. Also I now notice when playing audio and if I turn off my monitor the audio also goes off.My monitor is connected with HDMI and I am using external speakers for audio with the green audio jack so why would my audio go off if I am using the green audio cable and not the HDMI going into my monitor?. Also under the power settings I have nothing set to go to sleep at all as I leave my computer on 24/7!


      I have since gone back to Windows 10 Preview build 10525 and the issue is gone. With build 10525 and all early versions of Windows 10 I can turn my monitor off and the audio still plays. And I also never get the "No Input Signal" message when turning my monitor back on as the desktop shows up right away!


      I really hope Intel or Microsoft will fix this because I will not be able to use any build newer then 10525!


      P.S I am also using the latest Drivers  Intel HD Graphics Driver Version