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    Intel 750 and HDD Activity LED


      I installed Windows 10 onto my Intel 750 400GB(SSDPE2MW400G4R5-2.5" SSD version) last night and everything seemed fine but then this morning I

      noticed that the HDD activity LED was on all the time.  After spending about 4 hours on the problem I figured out that the LED works fine on other hard

      drives but when I plug in the 750 the LED it appears that it reverses itself(on for no activity and off for activity).  I tried messing with the LED connectors

      on the motherboard and at the front panel but nothing works.


      I used to have the AHCI version of the Samsung SM951 512GB M.2 SSD in the slot and the HDD activity LED functioned correctly.


      Except for that the 750 works just fine.


      For the record, my setup;


      Asus X99 Deluxe with most current bios

      32GB Crucial Sport Ballistix DIMMs

      1TB Seagate HD

      Intel 750 400GB 2.5" SSD with most current firmware

      Nvidia GeForce Titan graphics card

      Asus Hyper Kit NVMe adapter



      Is this a problem that will be fixed with future firmware or should I just return it and hope the replacement doesn't do the same thing?


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