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    Possible to install the Edison image onto a VM?


      Hi all -


      Please pardon my Linux naivté, I am just relearning from a short work exposure 4 years ago.


      My Edison has Yocto 2.0 (BusyBox?) on it.


      I would find it very useful to have that same image on a VM right now.


      How possible is it to install that same image onto a VM (VMWare) with the same storage / memory config.?


      If it's out of the question, what would be the best way to approximate this scenario.


      I have the Edison flash package containing all the .bin files used to FLASH the Edison board ... could this be used to precisely virtualize the Edison with the EXACT build?


      I have setup 4M Linux + BusyBox on a tiny VM. However, the BusyBox installed there is FAR more robust than what's on the Edison. Also, it has a desktop, which is cool, but probably sucking down space and performance.


      Thank you for your patient help.


          - DaveFer, K7NYY

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          Hi DaveFer,


          I’d highly suggest you to use the SDK if you want to test the Edison image to develop applications without using the board. Keep in mind that the Intel Edison platform uses U-boot that is not compatible with most of the virtualizer tools, additionally you would have to use the BSP to generate the file system and firmware in the format needed to be mounted it in a Virtual Machine. Once mounted remember that you cannot emulate the peripherals of the board, this means that you can only test generic code that does not require any peripherals. The SDK I suggested you, works in the same way so it could be a good option, it can be downloaded from here. Check also the Native Application Guide to know how to use the SDK. I hope you find this helpful.