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    Intel HD 5500 graphic driver stopped



      I have problem with my new laptop: Dell E7450 with core i7 broadwell, IntelHD 5500 graphic, 8gb ram, SSD 512 GB crucial.

      So my problem is with intel graphic driver when I am playing HTML5 video (youtube) and when I give this playing window to the background (keeping playing) I almost imedietly get message:

      Graphic driver stopped and was recovered. Even log: Ovladač zobrazení igfx přestal odpovídat a byl úspěšně obnoven. (Graphic driver IGFX stopped responsing and was sucesfully recovered).

      Also it is possible to se black flashes on the display during this problem.


      I tryed everything to fix it:


      1) new driver from manufacturer,

      2) new driver from INTEL,

      3) registry fix,

      4) fresh Windows, (all versions... 7, 8.1 and 10) everytime with same problem,

      5) new chipset driver,

      6) Dell replaced me new motherboar....with same error.

      I also noticed that when I removed that driver the problem is gone....but I dont have driver now so that is also problem...


      So please Intel..... HELP ME....becouse dell or microsoft is not able to help me...