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    How to round-trip data from Edison <=> SQL Server using C/C++? (or other?)


      Hi all -


      I'd be very interested in hearing an overview of how to get data from the Edison into an SQL Server database.


      Getting data FROM the SQL Server onto Edison would also be interesting. But I'm primarily eager to hear if / how we can send data from the Edison to some SQL Server on the same network.


      My objective is to have robot roam around a room and send data in real time from robot to SQL Server for review on other computers.


      Also, I would like to send a heartbeat ever, say, 10 seconds, to the SQL Server database.


      I strongly prefer SQL Server, since I have server already setup on this laptop which I will use for presentation.


      Also prefer these tools in order of preference:  C/C++, Arduino, Python, other.


      Open to suggestions.


      Thank you!


          - DaveFer

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          Hello DaveFer,


          I'm not very familiar with SQL, but I believe the project you describe can in fact be achieved. In fact several SQL packages can be found on Edison Package Repo Configuration Instructions. In fact there are some threads in the community which talk about SQL on Edison, like:


          Intel Edison - Connect to SQL via NodeJS

          Re: add mysql on edison


          So, as I mentioned I believe this is possible however you will need to know how to handle your data and how to manage SQL databases.



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            (What's that expression about "good intentions"?)


            Despite my best intentions, I realize now that my question (in shorthand) may not have been as clear and concise as I had hoped. Please let me rephrase and perhaps the answer(s) will change. Perhaps the solution I'm looking for is already in place on the out-of-box Edison image?


            I'm looking for an SQL CLIENT that will run on the Edison and round-trip data to a (Microsoft) SQL server in the cloud. (I understand that MariaDB is a database server that can run on Edison. But this is WAY beyond what I am looking for.)


            Obviously, I'd like the chosen client to be ULTRA-light, stable and not completely alien to what others are doing?


            Perhaps I should use HTTP calls to exchange data from Edison to an external SQL database? Would that be the most graceful solution?


            Here's my physical scenario:

            - Laptop running MS SQL Server connected to Wifi subnet, "DaveFer", serving up database "Robots" with tables "Heartbeat" and "Instructions".

            - Robot controlled by on-board Edison chip connected to Wifi subnet, "DaveFer", running SQL client software sending heartbeat data to table "Heartbeat" in above database "Robots" and reading rows of data from table "Instructions"


            Does this description clarify? Please let me know if there is any ambiguity.


            THANK YOU, again!