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    3rd monitor issue with Intel HD 4600


      Hi everyone,


      I'm using Lenovo M83 tiny PC with an Intel 4600 graphic card. My goal is to connect 3 different screens to this PC by using screens' HDMI inputs. On a PC I plan to use 2 DP-to-HDMI connectors and one USB-to-HDMI connector.


      I've connected all 3 screens this way and Windows recognized them. There is desktop displayed on each of them and they are identified as displays 1, 2 and 3.


      When I go to Intel Graphics properties, there are only 2 of the screens recognized. The third one is missing.


      Graphic driver version:

      Attached dxdiag.exe output and graphic card details.


      Can you please help me get the third screen displayed in Intel Graphics properties so I can configure it?


      Thanks for help!



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          Hello toto_riina79


          Thank you for taken the time to post your question. The problem you described is that you have installed a USB/video display to be able to use 3 different monitors.  And you are able to see all three displays, but when checking the Intel Graphic properties you can only see two display. 

          This is because the Intel graphics has only two display outputs.  And for the USB to video you had installed additional drivers and software. I will recommend to check with the manufacturer of the USB to video adapter to see if there is a way to manage all three at the same time.

          As for Intel it will only manage two monitors at a time



          Henry A.