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    RAID-1 rebuild, wizard unable to start the rebuild process


      Dell Optiplex 755 with Intel Matrix Storage Controller ICH8R/ICH9R, Matrix Storage Console v7.8.0.1013. Two 250GB drives, WD2500AAJS on Port 0 and Port 1. Drive on Port 1 failed and was replaced with an identical drive. Using Matrix Storage Console Advanced mode, ARRAY, operating in degraded mode, showed Port 0 with the good drive and the second drive missing. Under Non-RAID drives showed Port 1 and the new drive. All as expected. When I right-click on the new drive (Non-RAID) on Port 1 and select Rebuild RAID array to this drive (paraphrasing), the wizard starts. I confirm the drive selection in the wizard and click finish and then get the message, "the wizard was unable to start the rebuild process." Dell support has suggested that I select Create RAID Volume from Existing Hard Drive from the Action menu. I am hesitant to do this since I already have a RAID array of which the good drive is the only member. I am seeking a second opinion. Thank you.