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    Compiling new libs to Galileo Gen1


      I am currently testing OpenALPR lib on galileo. To get it to work I am first compiling leptonica then tesseract and will compile openALPR as described here: Compilation instructions (Ubuntu Linux) · openalpr/openalpr Wiki · GitHub.

      All this is being done on the galileo board, since I do not know how to do a cross-compiling on my OSX to Yocto.


      1. Is this the best way? (It is taking soooo long!) Actually it failed (I believe for lack of free memory on trying to compile opencv)

      2. Is it possible to compile on my OSX and just install it on galileo?

      3. As I will use Eclipse to develop and debug the software, is there a way to have these libs available to eclipse as well?


      Maybe creating a new repo like AlexT_Intel


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