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    mkv occasion frame drops


      Since replacing my PC (with an NVidia GTX460) with a NUC 5I5RYK (HD6000), I now experience dropped video frames every 2-4 minutes. With the GTX460 there were no drops at all (using MPC-HC, Mediaportal, reclock and Madvr). Odd thing is neither Madvr or Reclock report any dropped frames, even though I see them occur while the stream is being analyzed. Has anyone experienced anomalous frame drops and had success with fixes? In using Win10 x64, 16GB RAM. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thx

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          Hello Sclaws,


          When you say that you experience dropped video frames every 2-4 minutes, do you mean that you get less frames per second compared to what you used to get with the NVidia GTX460 video card or you get video lagging in a normal movie playback due to dropped frames?


          It is important to have in mind that Intel® NUC Kits are small compact PCs meant to be used as home entertainment systems or Home Theater PCs and they are not as powerful compared to a dedicated video card. Playing back DVD or Blue Ray movies shouldn’t be a problem and we have not received reports about issues with these units.


          Comparing the performance of a NUC versus a dedicated video card like the NVidia GForce GTX460 is totally out of sense. In a custom PC with a PCI Express video card you have plenty of resources for better video performance. The video card itself includes an independent GPU and dedicated memory just for video tasks.


          In an Intel NUC the graphics controller is integrated inside of the CPU and shares the video memory with the system RAM.


          Now, if you are experiencing performance problems and you are not able to get the normal fluent video play back when watching a movie or any video media then the problem could be the Graphics driver.


          I would suggest trying different graphics drivers versions for Windows 10.


          Using this link you can download the latest driver version (4248) for this NUC to work with Windows 10 64-bit:



          You can also try the latest generic driver version (4279) for Intel® HD Graphics 6000 for 5th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors using this other link:



          I recommend you to uninstall first the current driver from “Programs and features” and then try these ones.

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            I mean exactly what I said--frames are DROPPED, as in, not presented every few minutes. As for the comparison with nVidia being "totally out of sense", no, it isnt. This is basic 1080p video playback...hardly taxing for the NUC CPU/GPU or the GTX460. Based on the amount of actual usable feedback I've received on these forums from Intel since buying the NUC a few months ago I can only conclude that nVidia is much more competent at creating stable drivers. Intel claims that the 23.976 playback issue is fixed with this CPU/GPU, yet i still see dropped frames. I have, however, fixed my issue by switching my display from 23.976 to 60 in conjunction with Reclock. Now, with Reclock again shouldering the work, I have smooth playback.


            Keep trying Intel. Maybe someday you'll be on-par.