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    Intel HD graphics language in windows 10


      I recently upgraded to windows 10 and my Intel HD graphics along with it, as a part of the driver update my driver switched its language into Japanese which is a given since my system local was set to Japanese at the point how ever after changing it to US the driver's language didn't change along with it and I currently need it to be in English,is there any way I can change that?

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          Hello YukiAkatsuki;

                          I am sorry for the problems at hand.  Please go to our web site at https://downloadcenter.intel.com/ and type the model of you graphic chipset.

          Download the driver for your proper OS. 

          Then go to:

          • Control panel.
          • Programs and Features.
          • Then uninstall the Intel graphic Driver and Control Panel.
          • Reboot the system
          • Then install the driver you download.


          The problem was that the driver and control panel took the original local setting, but when you change it back to English the driver stayed with the original language, and this is because the installation only installs the language at the moment and no other language.



          Henry A.

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            Dear Henry A:


                Thank you for your response to the language problem encountered by YukiAkatsuki, however I have the same problem with the mixed language display. My OS is win 10 English 64bit, but with the non-Unicode supporting the Chinese language, now the Intel Graphic Control Panel along with the right-click menu for Intel is in Chinese while all other interface in English. It is quite uncomfortable with such an awkward mixed display. Could you please let me know the bug fix or solution which should be most effective for this trouble ?

                I have tried hard to work around this annoying problem, but unsuccessful, even followed your instruction for solving the above Japanese problem( which is the same as mine).

                As you may know, this problem has caused widespread headaches of Intel driver users, but why Intel has not taken any action to correct it, even with the new updates.

                I would much appreciate it if you, representing the Intel, could give us a good and effective solution.


                XS Zebra


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              Hi All,


              I am sorry to hear you are having this problem with the system.

              The Intel® HD Graphics Control Panel will automatically select the language set for non-Unicode programs and this point there is no option to change at the software level.

              Please, review the thread below.

              Intel HD Graphics Control Panel Displays Wrong Language


              Mike C

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                Thank you for your frank response. This is to say this silly problem can't be solved anymore at lease for the moment, and Intel thinks this is a smart feature and does not want to fix this bug ?



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                  Intel developers are aware of customers request on this matter, hopefully we will have this feature available in the next months.


                  Mike C

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                    Dear mikec_intel:


                    Thank very much you for your response and frank attitude to this long-existing problem, we do hope Intel team would work to solve it and avoid such stupid mistake that ignores the legitimate need particularly for multiple language settings.


                    In addition, I found that my email sent to you via my Yahoo account has been rejected by your email server. I wonder if you could inform us of the upcoming new release or update of this Intel driver via email. Thanks a lot !


                    Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.



                    Remote host said:

                    550 #5.1.0 Address rejected.




                    XS Zebra

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                      Intel was doing some maintenance on the servers; so private message application was not working properly. In regards your request, the newest drivers and release notes of them are published at Drivers & Software


                      Mike C

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                        Hi all,

                        This should be resolved in the latest 15.40 drivers. If you are experiencing this issue, please test 4404 to see if it resolves this for you. Report back for a pass/fail so we confirm if it's working or not for everyone. Appreciate your help!