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    Core-M 5Y10C GPU speed not throttling down.


      I would need some help in diagnosing an issue I'm noticing with my new Asus T300CHI (4gb, 1080p, Core M 5y10c). The GPU seems to be stuck at 800MHz all the time, regardless if the power plan is at Balanced or Powersave, either in the windows power plans or using the Intel Display driver app, and whether the unit is charging or not. This will of course affect battery life when unplugged...


      You can verify this using GPU-Z. The GPU stays pegged at 800MHz when it should be clocking down to 300Mhz during periods of low activity.


      I have tried uninstalling the GPU driver, which Windows 10 installs a generic driver. With that driver, GPU-z shows the GPU clock varying between 300MHz and 800MHz like it should. Once you reinstall the Win10 Intel driver, the GPU once again gets pegged at 800MHz.

      Also tried a fresh Win10 install via USB, wiping the whole drive. The issue persists.


      Can anyone help me out and install GPU-Z to confirm their GPU clock speed to see if their unit exhibits the same behaviour?