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    I need help! :/




      recently I purchased a notebook/laptop HP Pavilion 15-p203nc and I couldn't be happier with it, but there is one slight problem. It doesn't have a good CPU, in-fact it is from your so called "rival" AMD and I never really liked them, because the AMD CPU is not really good at running more actions at a time and on the other hand Intel can.
      I have heard many times, that the CPU can't be changed to Intel if I have AMD, but surely there is a way, that the others didn't know about.

      I would love to buy one of these two CPU's that you offer, Intel Core i5-4690 or Intel Core i5-4460. My main CPU to buy was Intel i5-2550K, but i couldnt find it anywhere in my country, so I looked up the closest ones to this one and made my decision, so now I just need to know if it is possible to do so, to exchange the AMD to Intel.

      Thank you for your time