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    OPKG upgrade runs out of space - not good


      So I get that the "opkg upgrade" in general is not a recommended command, but seriously? This is an iOT device, and the security on most iOT devices is terrible, and we read daily about flaws allowing breaches, and one way to keep an iOT secure is to make sure you are running upgraded libraries and utilities. I mean lets imagine I build a home security system, and heart bleed is a device vulnerability do I not do upgrades? Do I need to individually figure out what every library on the system that might depend on the vulnerability is or do I just ship my flawed home security device? (not that I couldn't take the time to figure out all the dependencies, but that's why we have a package manager in the first place!) If I didn't keep my RHEL boxes up to date, and we had an intrusion I'd be liable if we didn't do upgrades, etc, well this should have the same rules (it's a linux box after all)... What do folks think?