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    Distorted sound from analog jack on NUC5i7RYKH


      Hi all,


      This one's got me stumped.  I'm having an audio issue after migrating to a newer NUC. Let me preface this by saying yes I know what I did here isn't the preferred method for migrating.


      I've been running a Windows 7 64-bit installation on a D54250WYK and it has been awesome.  I decided to upgrade to better graphics by moving to a NUC5i7RYKH.  I did this by replicating to a new SSD, booting on the new NUC, and allowing the system to detect all the new drivers.  I flashed to the newest BIOS first, and after all the detection, I ran the software update utility.  Everything worked perfectly (surprise!).  I did have to re-activate Windows, but I didn't mind.


      All was well until I connected headphones to the analog audio jack. The audio coming from it is badly distorted.  HDMI and DisplayPort audio are flawless.  When I connect the headphones to the audio out from my monitor they sound fine.  It's only through the analog that I get the distortion.


      This is by no means a major issue.  As I said, I can connect to the audio out on the monitor to work around it, but it is annoying that I can't use the analog jack.


      I've gone through several dozen posts online, including Microsoft's recommendations, but nothing seems to change the distortion.  I've tried running it without the Realtek drivers, modify any and all settings, removing and reinstalling the drivers, etc. No luck.


      Yes, I could simply re-install from scratch, but it hardly seems worth it for a minor issue like this.


      Hardware-wise I know the jack works.  I ran Windows 8.1 on it initially, and also tested with Linux Mint, so it's something with the driver.


      Thanks in advance!