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    Contunuation How we can load sketch program to uSD?




      the problem of not able to have both usb-cable and SD card in the same time resolved not completely...


      1-  problem as it stands:

      Gallileo + USB cable = ok  + SD Clinton or Quark Image will not reboot to com =  SD stops window from loading COM7

      galileo + USB cable + uSD card with SD 1.0.4 image found in some location with other Images  (most of the time can reboot together)

      Galileleo + usb cable + formated empty uSD card =  logdata file logged and reboot works most of the time (some time will not)


      the pins on the USB card and its drive does not connect well - that evident


      the key point to find an answer form hardware engineer


      Galileo + USB cable + any uSD card empty or with Image = if OK  then

      insert the serial cable = the USB COM7 disappear from the device manager and error access SD appears.in data logger monitor


      the presence of both       the serial cable and serial COM11 will prohibit the usb cable port


      the question, how to instal the program .ino into the uSD now with available Image or non, just to use

      Arduino Program in manner consistent with Arduino I/O tasks taking advantage of larger memory and speed of quark processor

      assume that we do not need Linux on the uSD card in these type of programming


      since this situation transfer only to memory not to uSD??   of what we not doing correctly to transfer the sketch program to uSD

      persistence storage??

      does the Galileo board malfunctions (we ordered new board) or the problem in windows


      thank for simple direct answer?