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    Q6600  BSOD, Graphics/OpenGL ?


      Ok. I've had a Q6600 for two years now, and just kind of worked around a problem that just isn't going away. Think I have a faulty CPU.  I've went through 4 mother boards, Asus Republic two different models, EVGA and Gigabyte. Back to my Republic Gamer ASUS.  Several combo's of RAM, MushKin, Corsair, OCZ, Kingston, Crucial. 3 Different Video cards. 4 Power Supply's nothing less the 900W.  Issue is this.  Os's have been 2003 server, xp x86/x64, Vista x86/x64 and Now Win 7 prof, x86.  Same issue.  I've checked power, voltages, etc,etc,etc.   Like I said, I've replaced every part and trouble shooted just about everything.


      If I try to do anything that is graphic intensive at all, games, online games "qlive", anything, BSOD.  It even BSOD's when I have a few images open in Visio, or PDF's.  Even Google earth.  All most like the CPU has issues with OPenGL or something.  Like i said, for a few years now I've dealt with it with a odd work around.


      If I start an appliation that usually BSOD's the machine, go to processes and turn off two of the PID id's, doesn't BSOD, at all. The combonation has been O and 2 to turn off. Now, if I don't use anything that is graphic intensive, etc,etc..No issues at all.


      I'm thinking bad CPU or bad cores or something..    Thoughts?