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    Sparkfun OLED Block Node.js


      Does anyone know of a javascript library for this block? Sparkfun have a C++ library, but not one for Python of Node.js (I'm trying to avoid having to write my own based on theirs using mraa & spi).

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          Hello Dopeysmith,


          I don't think there is an equivalent library in Python or JavaScript, unless SparkFun had made one. They provide the library in C++; maybe they can provide an equivalent library in Python or JavaScript. I suggest you to post your request in their forum.


          On the other hand, there are two other options - besides contacting SparkFun directly – that I can think of:

          1. Writing your own library based on the one made by SparkFun.
          2. I found this thread about an OLED display: OLED Display + Edison Breakout Board + Node.js. There is a code for Node.js in there. You might find it helpful if you decide to use Node.js to write your own library.