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    Intel NUC KIT D54250WYKH Windows 7 instalation problem


      I have:

      Intel NUC KIT D54250WYKH (BIOS version newest 0040) with 2.5" HDD Seagate ST500LT012

      BIOS is on default settings (loaded by F9)

      I connect bootabe USB Pen Drive with Windows 7 Pro instalation.

      Installer starts normaly, but when I want to choose Seagate drive as target drive for system installer tells:

      "Windows cannot be installated to this disk. (Show details)"

      in details there is information:

      "Windows cannot be installated to this disk.This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk..."

      I double check hardware and it is OK. I connect this Seagate  HDD to newer NUC5i3RYH and installations works without problems.

      I need some help with it.