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    Galileo Vs Raspberry pi(RPi)


      Hi all,


      I am a user of Raspberry pi (RPi) and want to buy a galileo gen 2 board.

      But I am a bit unaware about galileo and so confused, I want to ask that,


      I the RPi I can run full linux and there is no need of a host PC to develope and then deploy to RPi board--- I can develope on RPi itself without any host PC, but what I googled uptill now it seams that with Galileo board ---- Windows IoT I always need a host PC to develope (say using Visual Studio) and then I can deploy to my galileo board.


      I cannot run full Windows and linux (even Embedded versions) on galileo and get a display of the OS on some Monitor or HDMI Screen or any thing as I can do with RPi ----- i can install linux in RPi and can run it without a host PC natively as a full featured mini computer connected to a HDMI display.


      I just want to clarify that whether what I have written above is true??


      Please clarify my doubts and comparison between RPi and Galileo, can I use Galileo as a native Linux or Windows PC (say with some display device attached to it), means I don't need a host PC, like as I can do with my RPi


      Please reply soon so that I can decide to order Galileo or stick to RPi


      Thanks in advance

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          Hello megalileo,


          If you need video output, Galileo might not be the best board for you. You can interact with the internal Linux terminal and develop applications using Python, C++ or JavaScript. You can install additional packages as well, but since Galileo doesn't have video output you will need a Host PC to display the internal terminal through serial connection between the board and the PC.


          On the other hand, Galileo uses a Yocto OS which is not a full Linux OS. You could use other alternative images such as Ubilinux which is based on Debian (EmutexLabs) and Windows IoT (Windows IoT - Get Started) but they are not supported by us and they are not full OS versions either. In case you want to get more details about these alternative images, I suggest you to post your questions in their respective forums.




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            Grate thanks for your discus. so as Diego said can i have a video output of my os installed[windows] on gaalileo on a pc if i connect galileo to my pc with a serial cable and use putty and xming ------ as i do with rpi


            Thanks in advance