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    Intel i354 2.5 GbE dual adapter and SuperMicro Blade Chasis Network Cable Unplugged


      The problem:


      "Network cable disconnected" error after installing PROSet software suite on a SuperMicro blade nodes with B1SA4-2750F mainboard and Intel i354 2.5 Gbe Backplane Network adapters (x2).

      I need teaming and VLANs features from PROSet suite, that`s why i`m using that software. If only the drivers are installed, both NICs works fine, but in Windows 8.1 there are no teaming feature - tested also with PowerShell.

      Tested also with Windows 10, Windows Server 2012/2012 r2 - same issue - if only drivers are added (doesn`t matter if they are installed from software suite or from Device Manager), both NICs works fine, no matter how many times I`ve restart the machine. Windows 10 have teaming from PowerShell, but can`t define VLANs...

      If PROSet suite is installed, both NICs change their status at "Network Cable Unplugged". The only resolution for this issue i`ve found so far (not always) is Right Button on adapter=> Properties=> Configure - after that, the adapter changes his status normal, but if machine is restarted, networks are disconnected again...

      I`ve installed a lot of different versions of Intel PROSet software, tested with Unplug/Plug blade nodes, also with changing blade nodes position - no result.


      Any resolution?