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    QPI link on Xeon E5 1630 v3 processor




      in my company we are performing finite elements analyses which require powerfull calculation capabilites. We have several computers of very different prices, and we compared the efficiency of our different configurations to determine the "optimal" configuration, especially the processor. In particular we have two recent computers: one is equipped with a Xeon E5 1630 v3 at 3.70 GHz, and the other is equipped with a i7 4790 at 3.60 GHz. When we run a bench calculation, which is rather complex with many non linearities, we notice than it runs twice faster on the i7 than on the Xeon E5. This is very surprising, as Xeon processors are normally designed for workstations, and i family processors for home use. After many investigations, I think the cause of the Xeon being slower, is that there is no QPI link on the Xeon E5 1630. So my first question is: do you think I am right ? second question: is it possible to activate QPI on this processor ? and third question: if not, why ? because when I bought this processor, I thought all Xeons were equipped with QPI by default.


      Thank you for you help.