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    VLAN tagging on PRO 1000 MT adapter


      I have a VM (VMWare virtual machine) on which I installed Windows 7.  The default Network Adapters are Intel(R) PRO 1000 MT for which I'm trying to configure VLAN tagging.  I downloaded the latest version of PROWinx64.exe and when I run it, it eventually throws the error, "No Intel adapters present..."

      Despite the adapters appearing in the Device Manager


      When I try to update the drivers, Windows tells me, "The best driver software for your device is already installed."

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          Dear Imatinkerer,

          Thank you for contacting Intel.

          You are getting the error message because our latest driver pack doesn't support the Intel® PRO/1000 MT Server Adapter.  This adapter model uses the driver available in MS Windows* 7 (In-box driver).  Please refer to website below for more information on adapters with Windows 7 driver support:

          Network Connectivity — Is My Intel® Ethernet Adapter Supported in Microsoft Windows 7*?

          Hope this helps.



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            The link provided above proposes the following solution (copy and pasted from Intel's web page):


            Intel® Ethernet Adapters can have full support, in-box only support, or both, for Microsoft Windows 7*.

            1 In-box only

            • In-box means the drivers are supplied with Microsoft Windows.
            • Driver and software updates are not available for adapters that are in-box only.
            • Intel® PROSet for Windows Device Manager and Advanced Network Services (ANS) driver for teaming and VLANS are not included with in-box support.
            • You might be able to add an adapter with in-box support to a team using multi-vendor teaming (MVT). See the user guide for MVT considerations.

            2 Full support


            The Download Center is a generic area wherein I must search for the driver for the product. (going in circles)

            The Intel Driver Update Utility yielded the message,

            The Manual Download takes me to a page where I can get PROWIN32 (not helpful).


            Is there a simple, direct instruction on getting "Full Support" for these Ethernet Adapters?