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    Intel Graphics HD4600 that DVI (Primary) / HDMI (Secondly) display output is reversed by Win+P.

      Dear Sir,


      We use the Intel sharkbay platform to do our motherboard design,

      The PCH is Q87, CPU is Haswell DT CPU,
      There isn't have local panel, Our primary display output is through DVI interface.
      We uses Intel generic graphics driver and VBIOS/GOP.
      Now, We encounter the trouble when connect the HDMI is secondly display output.

      urrent setting Port B is DVI output and define to primary output,
      Port C is HDMI and define to secondly output.
      If we connect DVI(primary) and HDMI(secondly) device at the same time and switch display output by "WinKey" + P,
      The expect behavior should be DVI device ouput when set LCD only, and HDMI ouput when set projector only,

      But we got the reversed result, (HDMI output when set LCD only and DVI output when set projector only).
      We have no such experience how to deal with it, Therefore,
      Could you please help to check how to get expect behavior by Intel GOP/VBIOS or graphics driver point of view ?
      Thank you very much.

      [Port B settings for DVI]
      DVI Port B setting.JPG

      [Port C settings for HDMI]

      HDMI Port C setting.JPG