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    What consumer options are there for using the eDP connector on the DQ77KB?


      I realize this "embedded" option is meant for flat panel displays (as with LVDS).  Still... I haven't been able to find any examples of using this connector in a typical consumer configuration, i.e. real world, day-to-day, regular, accessible use.  There has been a bunch of great work by individuals who have built PCBs to adapt eDP/panel connectors to more consumer-friendly connectors (DisplayPort/HDMI).  There is also the Intel eDP whitepaper that details exactly what I am looking for -- an eDP-to-DP cable, but (a) the cable does not seem to be generally available to consumers (just a lab mock-up?) and (b) there is a report of a possible error in the m/b docs... so doesn't seem like strong evidence there of reliable use.


      I haven't found any way to make use of the 40-pin eDP connector on the DQ77KB.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I would love to make use of it for a third display.