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    Intel dg35ec shutdown/reboot problems

      Hello everyone,

      I've got one of these boards and I'm having a very annoying problem.  The PC is not rebooting/shutting down from windows or after you exit the BIOS.


      I've flashed the bios to the latest version, tried 2 cases/power supplies, 2 sets of ram, reset all the setiings in the BIOS and still the problem persists.



      Got into bios, do something or nothing, exit and the upon exit the compute does not restart, screen just goes blank, and you hav to turn it off manually.  What makes this even more annoying is that in order to get it to restart you have to remove power to the board completely, or it just restarts in the same state.


      I have the same problem when I shutdown or reboot windows (Win XP Home sp3).  Only thing connected to the mobo are 1xSamsung HD sata, 1xPioneer dvd sata, lcd screen via DVI.


      Has anyone had a problem like this?

      Should I give support a call now and hope it still has warrenty?


      cheers Danny


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          Hi Danny


          How long did you had this system? Is a new issue after been working for a wile or you always had this issue?


          You mention that you cross tested with two power supply's Could you please provide the exact model numbers?


          You mention that you cross tested with different memory? Could you please provide the exact model numbers?


          What CPU are you using? Please send the sSpec number.


          What case are you using? The exact model number.


          What order you followed installing the drivers? For example: 1St Chipset, 2nd Video 3th Audio...


          Have you tried formatting the system? Installing a different operating system. For example Vista, 7 ....






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            This is the same 45nm processor bug that seems to be an issue with this board and related ones.  Intel needs to fix it, but since these are  "obsolete" products, I doubt they ever will.  The board has these issues, not matter what 45nm processor is used.  With the older 65nm types, everything works correctly.  It is important to point out that the system is totally stable while running the 45nm CPU's, it just has the issues reported below:


            1.  The board will not do a warm restart, even just getting in and out of BIOS after a save settings, just hangs.

            2.  The CPU temperature is always reported at 102 at bootup, it then increments as it gets hotter, nevertheless, the individual cores are always some 70 degrees cooler according to programs like Hardware Monitor.  I've duplicated this error with 4 45nm processors (E8600, Q8400, E7600, E8500.

            3.  Fan always runs at Full speed.


            This is like toyota refusing to acknowledge their sudden acceleration issues, but of course no on dies here if their computer has these issues.

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              I am having the same problem its a shame that intel wont step up to the plate and admitt there is a problem.  I for one am done with them.  The customer support I have received through this process has been aweful.  I am going to be useing AMD from now on. What a joke i though intel was better than this.