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    Connecting to a WPA2-Enterprise network using Intel PROset/Wireless result in an error, yet connecting via Windows is OK.


      Hi All,


      I work in a University and we use a shared wi-fi network called eduroam. This is a WPA2-Enterprise network but trying to connect using the Intel PROset software wont work (re-building a Windows 7 image). However, following the specific guide to connect via Windows allows me to connect without issue. However, as soon as I try to then connect via the Intel PROset software, the connection breaks. I would then have to delete the Windows profile and re-create manually. Creating the Profile in PROset doesn't work either. 


      When the connection breaks and I try to connect via Windows I get this error:


      The server "my.auth.server.com" presented a valid certificate issued by "My Certificate Authority", but "My Certificate Authority" is not configured as a valid trust anchor for this profile. Further, the server "my.auth.server.com" is not configured as a valid NPS server to connect to for this profile.


      Now here the rub. I have managed to set this up on these laptops before, I have exported a profile from PROset on a machine that connects OK, to the re-imaged Windows 7 machine, but I I still end up with the same issue. I just can't remember how I manage to create this ability for PROset to connect  previous, although I do remember if was a hell of a faf.


      The Uni won't help as all is OK through the normal Windows connection. So why not use just the Windows Managed method. Well, I like the additional feature provided by PROset, and the fact that I HAVE managed to set this up in the pas on my old image, I would like to reset it up again on the new.


      Any help would be welcome.